BREAKING: Joe Biden Exposed in Cover-Up Operation – Evidence Stuns Congress…

Joe Biden was the driving force behind record gas prices in America that we’re seeing right now.

His gas tax is an attempt to do nothing more but take the blame off himself at the expense of America’s future.

Senator Mike Lee recently appeared on Fox to discuss Biden’s “feckless cover-up operation.”

“This is part of a shameless and feckless cover-up operation,” Lee said. “Look, this is a predictable, foreseeable and, in fact, intended result of President Biden’s energy policies, which have as their intended outcome driving up costs of fossil fuels, safe, affordable, reliable and in America plentiful fossil fuels to transition into other foreign-made sources of energy that can’t easily be transferred into automobiles.”

“This is a big problem,” he concluded. “So, he is wanting us to cover that up by shifting around some tax revenue. It’s … a drop in the bucket; wouldn’t really offer meaningful relief. As one of my colleagues just noted, 6% of the increase in the price of fuel is represented by the 18.4% federal gas tax. This is a disaster all the way around, and he wants us to cover it up.”

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