BREAKING: Joe Biden EXPOSED – He Can’t Deny It This Time…

In typical fashion, President Joe Biden used his first official address to the American people to rewrite history and tailor it to make himself and his party look good and his opposition look bad.

Biden conveniently left out any mention of China, the origin of the coronavirus, former President Donald Trump’s early travel bans, and Operation Warp Speed, the initiative that produced the fastest-ever vaccine to fight the virus.

Instead, he said that Trump met the virus with “silence,” which is patently untrue.

Biden also sugarcoated the extreme lockdowns that existed in various, mostly Democrat-controlled states over the last year. Instead, he called them “collective sacrifice.”

While people who are politically aware and not brainwashed by the left will see through these blatant lies, a lot of people won’t–and their thinking will be shaped by this kind of drivel going forward until they have no idea what’s true or not. It’s a scary time to be an American.

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6 Responses

  1. Just more lies from that plagiarism loser. He hasn’t had a real thought of his own for decades. He is responsible for more covid being brought into the USA from untested illegals. We must impeach him now.

  2. Load up all the border jumpers, take them to the white house and the capital and tell them that they can live there! Joe and Nancy will bring lunch out to them! You can load some up and take them to Delaware also.

  3. All Biden & Dens. know how to do is LIE because they have done nothing good for WE THE PEOPLE but DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!!

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