BREAKING: Joe Biden EXIT Confirmed By Fox News – Voters In Shock

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson took to the air to slam the Biden administration, saying “if Putin bluffed an invasion of Ukraine to make Biden look ridiculous, it worked.”

“Joe Biden can talk about Russia forever, meaning in his case for up to four minutes at a time, which at this stage is Joe Biden’s version of a filibuster,” Carlson said.

“You may have asked yourself, when will Joe Biden ever stop talking about Russia? Well, very soon actually, in fact, he seems to be losing his train of thought right now. But don’t worry, he’ll be back to it,” Carlson hilariously stated.

Carlson continued, dropping the hammer on Biden’s refusal to address real issues America is facing, like inflation, crime, illegal immigration, fentanyl deaths, etc…

“Russia is a very comfortable topic for Joe Biden. He enjoys talking about it much more than talking about say inflation, or crime, or fentanyl deaths, or about how half the population of Haiti appears to be showing up in Florida in leaky boats. Those topics may interest you since you live in this country, but not Joe Biden,” Carlson said.

Then, Carlson dropped a bomb, calling Biden a protector for Ukraine, but not his own American citizens.

“Despite appearances, Biden doesn’t actually live here. In his head, Joe Biden is floating high above the Sea of Azov, swooping in over southeastern Ukraine like a Botox superhero, just to make sure everything is okay with his little buddies, the Ukrainians. Joe Biden is their protector that way,” Carlson hammered.

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