BREAKING: Joe Biden ENDS It – America Stunned

President Joe Biden has ended former President Trump’s industry apprenticeship program via executive order.

The order cut the flow of federal funds to apprenticeship programs as Biden calls for government-controlled alternatives that could kill jobs and wipe out any progress that Trump made.

Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued a statement protesting the decision by the Biden administration. Foxx said, “President Biden’s move to end IRAPs will kill jobs. Period. Doubling down on an inefficient, 80-year-old system that is unresponsive to workers’ needs is not a solution, it is irresponsible.”

This won’t be Biden’s first move that has killed jobs. Biden killed the Keystone pipeline leading to the cancellation of roughly 10,000 blue-collar jobs.

Foxx continued saying, “In the last four months 131 IRAPs have been created, the vast majority of which are for nursing credentials. Why a party that claims to follow science would limit nursing credentials during a global pandemic is beyond me. Instead of catering to union bosses and increasing Washington’s overreach into the private sector, we should support and encourage efforts to cut the regulatory red tape that stops too many employers from filling in-demand jobs. Employer-led apprenticeship programs account for more than 80 percent of all apprenticeship programs nationwide.”

By all measures, this move by Biden makes no sense. However, when Biden’s union support is taken into account, it makes sense as to why he killed funds for private apprenticeship programs.

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