BREAKING: Joe Biden ENDS It – America Is In Shock

President Joe Biden just ended it and millions of Americans are in shock. He may want to think twice — the 2022 election isn’t that far away.

During remarks earlier this week, Biden said that he will “abolish the offensive, counterfactual 1776 commission” established by President Donald Trump. The commission’s report was already deleted from the White House website.

Biden hasn’t specifically stated was he thought was so “counterfactual” about the report, which you can still read here. Apparently, our new president has a problem with the founding ideals of his own country.

“The bedrock upon which the American political system is built is the rule of law,” states the report. “The vast difference between tyranny and the rule of law is a central theme of political thinkers back to classical antiquity.”

The report also draws upon the values found in the Declaration of Independence, which declares that “all men are created equal,” and, naturally, “if all men are equal, then none may by right rule another without his consent.”

Tragically, we have reached a new level of “wokeness” in American politics and Biden is leading the charge. He is a puppet of the far-left — a movement that has expressed nothing but disdain for the United States of America.

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