BREAKING: Joe Biden Drops Bombshell About Independence Day – Patriots Are Shocked

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to clarify on Friday the remarks President Joe Biden made about the coronavirus during an address to the nation on Thursday night.

Biden said that if Americans got vaccinated and kept wearing masks and social distancing, they “might” be able to have small gatherings for the 4th of July.

Psaki said on Friday that Biden didn’t mean people should have a “mass event” or “return to total normalcy.”

“It’s certainly not a full return to concerts and soccer stadiums,” she said.

She also wouldn’t say when the administration thought most Americans would be vaccinated, saying that it depended on the level of vaccine hesitancy and states’ speed of administration. The CDC reported that about 10% of U.S. Americans is now fully vaccinated.

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6 Responses

  1. Well let’s be fair here…Joe “What am I doing here?” Biden also probably remembers last “Independance Day” when him and Jeff Goldbloom narrowly saved the planet from an alien invasion on our southern border. 👍

  2. I’ll DO what I want on the 4th, Joe. This country is still free for now (NO thanks to YOU) so take your advice and shove it. You have fought real progress for over a year and this is all you have. Stick it!!!

  3. Jen, you should get out while the getting is good. Surely you know that the things you have to tell the press are lies and that you will be thrown under the bus pretty soon. GET OUT JEN WHILE YOU CAN. SAVE YOUR REPUTATION.

  4. We have have to take it slow with returning to normal from corona virus, but it’s ok to change America over night just flip switch and sign some executive orders and it is changed. the process that is being taken should take 20 or are years.

  5. We are going to do what we want with who we want on the 4th of July and for that matter memorial day and another more lockdowns they don’t work. Use common sense

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