BREAKING: Joe Biden DOOMED After Most Recent Count – It’s Over…

President Joe Biden is facing perhaps the biggest failure in the history of American presidents.

The man is underwater on almost every key issue as midterm elections approach.

A recent Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey recently released their latest survey, which showed Biden doing better than pretty much every other recent survey has.

The problem for Joe?

The numbers were STILL absolutely dreadful.

It isn’t just overall, the survey found that Biden is failing on all but one major issue: COVID.

Thirty-nine percent of Americans think Biden is handling COVID okay, while 37% think he is failing on the issue.

Seeing as that’s his ONLY bright spot, +2% isn’t very good.

On the economy, for instance, he’s at -24%.

Still, this -8% overall rating for Joe is way better than other recent surveys, which have him hovering around -15%.

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