BREAKING: Joe Biden Does The Unthinkable – Obama Is Furious

Former Vice President Joe Biden just committed an unthinkable act, and many are speculating that former President Barack Obama is furious. Biden will never get an endorsement now.

During a lengthy interview with Politico, Biden responded to whether he thought Obama’s non-endorsement would affect his chances. “No, because everyone knows I’m close with him,” he said.

Biden then went a step further and said, “I don’t need an Obama endorsement.” This is an interesting statement, considering that he is running on the Obama legacy.

The political truth is simple: Biden wants Obama’s endorsement, but Obama isn’t willing or ready to give it. So, he’s trying to downplay the severity of the situation however possible.

But will this be enough to convince voters in the Democratic primary? This has yet to be seen. Biden is still not polling at the level he’d prefer, and other candidates are on his heels.

One thing’s for certain: An endorsement from Obama would go a long way with Democrats trying to decide who to support. However, considering Biden’s recent missteps, it isn’t looking likely.

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