BREAKING: Joe Biden Disaster Finally Happens – America In Shock

President Joe Biden is sleeping at the wheel when he’s not steering the nation into destruction and death.

This was supposed to be a savior, but his incompetence is literally scaring people on both sides of the aisle.

John Hayward, of Breitbart News, outlines 7 unbelievable disasters of the Biden administration in just the first 7 months.

Afghanistan: Of course, the list must begin with Biden’s hideously bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, a debacle that claimed the lives of 13 American military personnel on Thursday…

Coronavirus: Biden campaigned on getting the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic under control, but it most certainly is not. Cases continue surging unexpectedly and unpredictably, in states where the media likes the governor as well as states where the media hates the governor.

Eviction moratorium slapped down: One reason for growing public distrust is the accurate perception that opportunistic politicians are exploiting the endless pandemic for power and money grabs. One of the biggest was struck down by the Supreme Court on Friday, as it ruled 6-3 against the Biden administration’s moratorium on evictions from rental property…

Gas prices: One of Biden’s first acts in office was killing the Keystone pipeline, wiping out thousands of American jobs and ensuring the U.S. would become more dependent on foreign oil. Seven months later, gas prices are spiking to seven-year highs ahead of Labor Day…

Inflation: America’s journey back to Carter-era malaise under Joe Biden continued on Friday with news that inflation is hitting 30-year highs. If food and energy prices are included – and most hard-working Americans would certainly include them – the Federal Reserve’s key inflation measure rose 4.2 percent year-over-year, far outstripping growth in personal income and reaching a level not seen since the beginning of 1991…

Border Crisis: Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan has diverted attention away from the disaster he created at the U.S. southern border, but the mess is still there even though Biden’s media refuses to cover it – complete with those “kids in cages” the Left suddenly decided it doesn’t care about anymore…

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5 Responses

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  3. Biden and his cronies are an absolute failure !!! How can America recover from this idiotic venue ??? It looks as if this administration is trying their very best to destroy this nation from within and they seem to be doing a good job – look at all the failures this administration has done in only a few months !!! Real Americans had better stand up before it’s too late !!!

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