BREAKING: Joe Biden Didn’t Really Do It – Bombshell Rocks Nation

This just in: Joe Biden didn’t really do it. A bombshell has rocked the nation and millions of people know the truth now. The tide has turned.

“Media censorship succeeded in getting Joe Biden elected,” said Brett Bozell, the president of Media Research Center (MRC). His organization ran a voter poll and has the scientific data to back up his claim.

“In its poll, 45.1 percent of Joe Biden voters said they had not heard the story about Hunter Biden,” reported Breitbart. As for sexual assault, 35.4 percent of those same voters said they never heard the story about Tara Reade.”

Furthermore, according to the poll, voters were surveyed in key swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. What they revealed to Bozell’s group is stunning.

“Some 17 percent of Biden voters said they would not have voted for him had they been aware of at least one of these stories,” continued Breitbart. This would have been monumental for the outcome of the presidential race.

The media didn’t do its job. It glossed over legitimate information that voters needed to make the most informed decision possible and elevated everything Trump did to the level of a scandal. The election was stolen.

Read the full story here.

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