BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Stuns Family – More Than Half Are Not…

A new CBS News/YouGov poll found that a massive 52% of Americans said President Biden “should be tougher” on illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. This is a massive problem for the White House as the President’s approval has only gotten worse and at this rate, President Biden’s time in office could be cut short.

Poll after poll has found that Americans want President Biden to solve the crisis at the southern border before it is too late.

Millions of illegal immigrants have poured across the southern border, while drug traffickers have also imported millions of dollars worth of dangerous drugs that are killing Americans.

The situation at the southern border is essentially an invasion of our country, and yet President Biden refuses to act. Of course, this is horrible news for Democrats running in the midterm elections.

Voters may take out their frustrations with President Biden out on the Democrats who have so far enabled his disastrous immigration policy.

The diagnosis is clear; if President Biden doesn’t do something quick, he will get Democrats killed at the polls. If Republicans seize power thanks to American frustration with Democrats, it could very well spell the end of President Biden’s term.

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