BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Is Devastating – One Week To …

President Joe Biden’s diagnosis just went public and it is devastating. According to a high-ranking Republican senator, he has one week.

“All we have to do is go back to what we were doing before … President Biden undid everything that the Republican Congress and the Trump administration did,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA).

“It’ll be fixed in a week,” he said, referring to the crisis at our southern border. But the chance of Biden reinstating any of Trump’s border policies is next to nothing.

Why? Because Biden is a puppet who answers to the far-left. Even though this push for open borders has caused a national security and humanitarian nightmare, he does not care.

Kennedy took a trip to the southern border himself. In a video message, he said that “the kids and families you see behind me under a bridge are here as a direct result of Pres. Biden’s #BorderCrisis policies.”

“Smugglers take advantage of it,” he continued, calling the situation “heartbreaking.” But this is the reality Biden refuses to acknowledge and it is already having devastating consequences.

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21 Responses

  1. Joe Biden is allowing and facilitating an invasion of our country. Why is he not held in contempt of his oath of office? Only because he flies under the Democrat banner.

  2. “Joe Biden Diagnosis is “Devastating”? eh? So, what should you expect when a drooling ‘tard is put in office by Hollyweird, Big Tech, Big Media, ruthless globalists and a cowardly, absolutely gutless Republican party that cringes in fear whenever Democrats say anything even slightly critical of them?

  3. Joe Biden is screwing over the American public his policies are bad he can’t stand up for even a simple press conference without having notes and being directed by somebody else he is not fit to be president he it is abuse for the far left to do this to a man in his condition the Republicans better stand up and do something before they destroy the country

  4. In my opinion it is Un-Constitutional and a violation of our immigration laws. I have heard that the Federal Government is using non-profit organizations such as Embrace to move illegals into cities and states without notifying the Governors of each state. If the Federal Government does it directly they have to notify the Governors of how many and where they are being located. This has a major impact on each local such as housing, feeding, medical treatments and jobs. To add insult they are sending COVID Positive Cases to our communities. Secure the borders.

  5. When I read the head line JOE BIDEN HAS JUST 1 WEEK, I thought he would be dead in one week. I felt sorry for the man. Then I read a bit further and understood “it would only take one week to undo the damage he had done” to this country by canceling out the progress Trump had made in just 4 years. Then I became a bit frustrated with the situation. Specially and also because I have and had not received my Covid-19 stimulation check. At 90 years of age, I need that money to pay my next year real estate tax bill. Oh well I knew all along that the government never keeps it promises. I was going to say a prayer to send him off, but now he is not going to die, I think I will refrain from sending him to hell. He just will have to live a bit longer in the hell he causes with his recklessness.

    1. So sorry this new “president” is causing you so much hurt. Biden is a horror we have to content with until his 4 years are up. We are all suffering right along with you so be strong and don’t let this terrible man destroy anything else for you. He is destroying our country too! I’m hoping he will decide to retire but that woman makes me crazy and I think she is actually worse than old Joe!!🙄
      Hang on. … better days are coming!

      1. We won’t have to put up with him for 4 years. Harris will take over soon because he will be declared unfit. It was all in their plans. You think he is bad, just wait for Harris. And if not her it will be Pelosi!

  6. Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing and when tomorrow comes he’s forgot what he’s done the day before this fool can hide his own Easter eggs get him out of Donald J Trumps office put him in a padded room so he want hurt his self or anyone else

  7. Biden dog bit someone again because he believes joe doesn’t belong in office and stold the election will keep being aggressive till his master resigns gets impeached are they use the 25 amendment. What gives with the 10200 stumilus in New York coumo not letting us take deduction other states too.

  8. Tax mans said if I want to claim 10200 stimulus tax deduction in ny may have to amend and claim later

  9. The Republicans the dropped the ball long time ago ,when Pelosi tore up President trump speech the should have drone her out ,that was start of being we can do whatever it’s shame the Republicans have no Guts President Trump made them shine but when got tuff the turn there back on him 🥵

  10. The Biden crime family, like all other crooked politicians, doesn’t know what you think or care. They have succeeded in their quest for power far beyond their expectations by working pay-for-play schemes, laundering money, and facilitating rogue governments in their criminal enterprises. Hunter Biden is their poster boy. Drug addict, dishonorable discharge from the Navy, shacking up with his dying brother’s wife, refusing to pay child support for a child he fathered with a nightclub stripper, lying on a gun purchase background check, laundering huge sums of money, buying a multi-million dollar house in Beverly Hills, and generally living “the good life”.

  11. Take Biden and his Dem traitors down. Nullify the election and bring back Trump to clean up this unholy mess.

  12. I am disgusted with this whole mess and with the Democrat party. If I hear anything more about how they are working on fixing the immigration laws from Jen saki of sh91 I am going to reach right through my TV set and slap her up beside her head. She is lying right between her teeth. The only thing they are working hard on is how to keep sleepy Joe from talking to the press so he doesn’t mess up their plans to pad their votes for the next election with illegals. They are using these people and the American people by letting illegals in this country and disregarding all the Covid restrictions. We have all been locked down for so long I forgot what my son looks like. This is a total travesty. They are wondering now why their is another spike in Covid cases blaming it on Americans but I think it is because they are loading illegals on busses with Covid and dispersing them through out the country. Shame on them.

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