BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosed Officially – In Over His Head…

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sounded the alarm on President Joe Biden and gave a devastating diagnosis on the President’s ability to handle the brewing crisis in Ukraine.

During an interview on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Senator Cruz said, “Look, I got to say, it’s pitiful,” he said. “It almost makes you feel sorry for him. He is in so over his head. If you look at what Biden has done on Russia, it’s the same thing he’s done on China, it’s the same thing he’s done on Iran, it’s the same thing he’s done with the Taliban, which is he’s shown weakness. He surrendered to Vladimir Putin.”

President Biden has done more damage to world peace than any other President in recent history.

Senator Cruz continued saying, “When Joe Biden got elected, he waived those sanctions, gave a multi-trillion-dollar gift to Putin. And it is why there are Russian troops and Russian tanks on the border of Ukraine right now because Biden has been so weak, he has surrendered essentially to Putin.”

Democrats accused former President Trump of being a Russian asset, and yet President Biden has given Russia everything.

Where Trump projected power, President Biden has projected weakness and now Ukraine may pay the price. The President’s handling of Russia clearly demonstrates that he is not fit to hold office.

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