BREAKING: Joe Biden Devastated By Tragic Diagnosis – Only 2 Percent…

Womp womp…Biden’s economy has tanked and Americans are very unhappy.

Sad day for ole’ sleepy Joe.

He can’t even get positive comments from establishment media CNN.

Only TWO PERCENT of Americans think Joe Biden’s economy is “very good,” according to a new CNN poll released this week.

“A total of 77 percent believe Biden’s economy is poor, the highest mark in a decade. Forty-seven percent say the economy remains ‘somewhat’ poor, while another 30 percent said it was ‘very poor,'” reports Breitbart.

The poll revealed the economy is the number one issue for Americans by 36 points (50 percent).

Subsequent issues followed:

Ukrainian war (14 percent)
Immigration (10 percent)
Global warming (nine percent)
Racial unrest (five percent)
Coronavirus (five percent)
Education (four percent)

To see this full, sad, sad story, click here.

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