BREAKING: Joe Biden DELETES Easter Fact – America Shocked

President Joe Biden just deleted a historical fact about Easter and millions of Americans are shocked. People never knew he’d go this far.

In a video message for Easter released by the White House on social media, Biden included “references to God, Pope Francis, and the New Testament, but it does not mention Jesus.”

One would think — given that Biden is supposedly a devout Catholic — that he wouldn’t have a problem mentioning Jesus, but he has given in to the woke mob once again. It is like he just doesn’t care.

First and foremost, Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, yet Biden appears too afraid to say so. He did, of course,  that “getting vaccinated is a moral obligation.”

So, Biden had time to push vaccines on a religious holiday, but somehow not enough time to mention Jesus even once. What is he so afraid of? Why won’t he actually embrace his Christian faith?

Considering his radical views on abortion alone, it seems obvious that he has strayed. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, then, that he is reluctant to name Jesus — even on a sacred day such as Easter.

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6 Responses

  1. Biden, Harris and Dems are useless — America should force a reversal of the 2020 election and ensure a valid,, legal and honest reelection — period! Get the Supreme Court off their rear ends! Make it happen before it is too late!

    1. Great idea we dont elect the supreme court they are chosen stooges sitting on their thrones deciding how we should live is that real freedom??

  2. Biden is a devil follower. So he want say Jesus. He will one day say his name tho, before he is judged. If he doesn’t acknowledge Christ is Christ and believe he will spend eternity in hell.

  3. He and his whole administration are disgusting. They are divisive, amoral, and liars. Biden is no Catholic. He follows none of our teachings. He will be judged and pay for his evil ways.

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