BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared INCOMPETENT – Proof Rocks White House…

According to Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, the current formula shortage in America is proof that Joe Biden is nothing but incompetent.

In fact, his whole administration is.

The FDA was warned by Representative Elise Stefanik of New York back in February that the upcoming baby formula shortage was going to be very bad.

So what did Biden and his FDA do to prevent this problem they were warned about?

Absolutely nothing.

In fact, Biden claims he would have needed a crystal ball to see the shortage coming. IN reality, all he would have had to do was not ignore Stefanik.

But that is EXACTLY what he did. Now it’s time to pay the piper, but Dirty Joe doesn’t want to.

Senator Cotton is here to collect:

“The formula shortage is rank, reprehensible incompetence by the Biden administration. They should have taken these steps months ago. The steps they are taking now won’t have a major effect for months to come. The FDA should have gotten off its duff long ago and authorized that plant in Michigan to reopen. There are other steps it could be taking, yet it still continues to drown any solution in bureaucratic red tape — steps like importing formula from Canada.”

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