BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared GUILTY – It’s Official…

Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio ripped President Joe Biden over his horrible presidency thus far.

Jordan pointed out insanely high gas prices, record-high crime rates, the border crisis and all-time-high inflation.

Then Jordan dropped the hammer, calling Biden’s time in office “the worst presidency in history.”

“What we have had under Joe Biden now for, what, almost 16 months is the worst presidency in history,” Jordan said.

“I have said this so many times,” he added, “but it’s the truth, and the country gets it. I always say there is a reason 67% of our fellow citizens think our country is on the wrong track. It’s because it is true. It is.”

“And frankly, I would like to meet the 33% who think it is on the right track because there hasn’t been anything done right,” Jordan added.

Jordan continued, reciting a list of ways the presidency has failed Americans.

“We went from secure border to chaos. They’re doing it intentionally.

We went from stable prices to 41-year high inflation.

We went from affordable gas to $4 gas everywhere in the country. $6 gas in California.

We went from safe streets to record crime in every major urban area in the nation”

Jordan continued, adding there are many more failures he could discuss.

“And we have had all kinds of attacks on our fundamental liberties. And I haven’t even gotten into foreign policy. What we had under Donald Trump was so good compared to the ridiculous chaotic situation we have had, unfortunately, under President Biden. And then when he speaks, it only scares people even more,” he said.

To see a video of this fire interview, click here.

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