BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared GUILTY In Money Fiasco – America Stunned…

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that part of him thinks President Joe Biden engineered inflation intentionally to further his agenda to “transition” people to green energy and reset the economy.

“As you know and your viewers know, inflation is the worst tax possible on American families,” Jordan told Varney&Company Friday. “So, this is real. I think there are like eight states where it’s already over $5 a gallon. Ohio is on the way there, unfortunately.”

Jordan said people shouldn’t be surprised by the inflation: “I heard when Janet Yellen said she was surprised about how the inflation — I mean, come on, you spend like crazy, you pay people not to work, and you drive up the cost of energy, and somehow you are surprised we’ve got inflation. I don’t think she’s that stupid.”

The way things happened led Jordan to think the inflation was intentional on Biden and Democrats’ part.

“If we would do the right kind of energy policies like we had under President Trump, we wouldn’t have this ridiculous high price for a gallon of gasoline,” he concluded.

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