BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared GUILTY In Energy Shocker – Media Stunned…

The American public has been furious with Joe Biden’s energy policies for a while.

In fact, over half of Americans currently believe that Joe Biden is intentionally sending gas prices skyward in order to promote his own fossil-free agenda.

But that’s just the American people. Up to this point, it’s been hard to get the gatekeepers of America’s media to make the same admission.

They’re finally speaking out.

The establishment media, including CNN, the New York Times, and others, have finally turned on Joe for his energy incompetence.

Five dollars per gallon is simply too much for most American families. Even most liberals know that.

“A major culprit is U.S. government policy. Some older refineries have closed because companies couldn’t justify spending on upgrades as government forces a shift from fossil fuels,” the Wall Street Journal printed.

The New York Times agreed: “United States has lost 5.9 percent of its refining capacity since 2019, as refineries have reconfigured to produce new products or closed because their expenses outstripped revenues.”

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