BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared Guilty – Evidence Stuns Entire Nation

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on “Fox News Sunday” this week that President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office was nothing more than a “bait and switch.”

“How do you rate President Biden’s first 100 days in office, and will you, or do you think will any Republicans, support his plan for trillions of dollars in new spending and new taxes for infrastructure and social programs?” anchor Chris Wallace asked.

McCarthy said, “If I look at the 100 days, it’s more of a bait and switch. The bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan, but the switch is he’s governed as a socialist. If you’re looking at infrastructure, it’s the same as the coronavirus. Less than 9% went to the virus. Less than 6% in the infrastructure goes to infrastructure.”

“Republicans would be the first one that would work with him, but I think the very first thing we would need to do, define what infrastructure is, roads, bridges, airports, broadband,” he said. “We would get this done. He is trying to pick a number instead of first saying, what do we need to make America competitive?”

McCarthy said he has not met or talked to the president since he took office.

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7 Responses

  1. The Dems are masters at bait and switch. They never tell the truth and always try to deceive the public. He hasn’t done one thing yet that he promised in his tiny campaign speeches. No our legal President

  2. biden needs to go now we have no room for a lying cheating stealing pieces of scum he won’t even admit he messed up our country by letting the illegals storm the boarder he is not a leader he is not our president he and the rest of the demo clowns need to go right now and be reached by someone who will make our country safe and great again

  3. Those in power are nothing but !!! Name one thing that this leftist government has done for the American people !!! Thought so – NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN POPULACE !!! When will this charade cease – hopefully before it ruins this country !!! Other countries now laugh about and at the US and their administration !!!

  4. I think that he and his fellow thieves want to get people on public free stuff . Now when, he’s running for office again who will vote tooo lose all that free benefits? Hello I’m from the government and I’m here too help give away other people’s money

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