BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared GUILTY – Evidence Stuns Congress

Senate Republican Whip John Thune (SD) said Wednesday that President Joe Biden and his administration “bears a lot of the responsibility” for the recent surge at the border.

Thune spoke of a recent visit to the border where he observed that one migrant facility that housed children was at 16 times its maximum capacity.

“Border patrol agents have been pulled off the border to deal with the influx of migrants and unaccompanied children, leaving the borders undermanned,” Thune said, adding, “the government is straining to deal with processing the massive number of people who have come across the border.”

Thune noted that the disaster agency FEMA has had to respond to the surge, even though Biden has not wanted to call it an “emergency.”

While at the border, Thune said, “if you don’t build it, they will come,” in reference to Biden halting construction of the border wall.

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12 Responses

  1. See what happens when a landslide victory by Donald Trump is fraudulently stolen by the deep state, Washington DC swamp, and the mainstream media?

  2. Biden and his cronies are all a bunch of idiot’s they are trying to destroy our United States. He is a total disgrace to the presidentcy. He will go down in the history books as the most stupid president in the world 🌍

  3. “THEY” allowed a fraudulent election—would not accept or admit to the number of deliberate/obvious set up cheating—NOW we see nothing new—We have a President who seems to have no love or respect for America. In fact the entire Democratic Party seems to “WANT” a lawless country with not just illegals, but no decency or accountability. They play games and lie and still seem to “reign”.
    We had the best President ever, but the Demoncrats were clever and managed to lie and cheat–not being accountable—because they were behind the whole façade. God is our HOPE for the future—the place we put our trust. If HE decides this is what the majority want—-this family will be found absent from the roles of Americans—we will move away from these evil activities and seek asylum in another place. I do not think we will be the only ones.

  4. Biden stole the election and all these lies he and lieberals are destroying this great country we enjoyed for so many years. Let’s get united and resist to anything they are doing. If their attempts to divide us we have no chance to survive. Our school system is completely destroyed through so many years of brainwashing washing our young generation and will require many years to bring it back.

  5. First Joe Biden is our worse President ever simply because he is not capable of manning the position others are doing that for him and making him worse than he really is. No I’m not a Biden supporter at all. but some of the things he has done I just can not believe he has the guts to try and do. But Obama, Pelosi and Schumer all do. Harris is just another Dummy to be used like Biden once Biden is declared medically unfit. Which should have already been done during the Primaries. Second, I agree with Michael Balaban We the People of this great nation must stand up together against this Cabal of which Joe Biden is a figure head for. By doing this in Biden’s name they keep the heat on Biden and not themselves. Everyone knows Biden will not make it through this term and will not be fit for another if he does. Harris is still not popular with the Black voters as she paints herself as Black Woman but has no African blood in her. Everyone knows that she is as crooked as they come. Remember she only captured 6% of the Democrat votes in the Iowa Primary an only 1% of the Black /Latino vote. But she will do whatever Obama wants her to do. Believe it or There are a small handful of Democrats who do believe in right and wrong and know that what is being done now is wrong. Wrong for All Americans.

  6. What everybody needs to do in the Republicans is flood the voting booths in the days of voting so we can win all offices in the states and when 2022 comes do it again so that we can win the House of Representatives and the Senate to protect the USA until 2024 when we will have another election

  7. this c;ty being run by soros obama gates pelosi schumer schiff nadler clintons etc wont get better till we put them in jail where they belong. they r commies all of them. even if we get a afew this wld end. soros supplies money and now gates supplies money and gates thinks he is a scientist thats a joke isnt it. this group of people r the sickos we have to stop. they want to destroy the U S but we wont let them. id love to see their faces if they were facing a shooting gallery oh my god how scared they will be then. they think only they can carry guns mess with peoples minds scaring them to death. fauci is part f this fraud. everyday he has something else to say one day masks then next day no masks etc answer this one mr. fauci florida doing great opening up everything no masks if you dont want to do it and they r getting better everyday.
    commies want a commie world we dont want a commie world these politicans thats their dream. they r deranged. we want american the way it was not what u thieves want. all so their cld be murders involved here as well. put them away as fast as u can. WE DONT WANT OUR CTY TO BE COMMUNISTIC.

  8. BORN AGAIN???

  9. What will it take to get rid of these idiots running our beautiful America into the ground???. We were, and most of us still are, proud of America and what we stand for. Why is it that the people who stole the election are still trying to convince the rest of the world we want to be a communist nation?? Nothing could be further from the truth. We had the greatest president in the world until the corrupted media and tweeters tried to convince us that communism was best for the USA. The people voted but their results were switched by the big billionaires who think they can run our country better than the American people. The elections will NEVER be the same again. GREED by the already rich billionaires will continue to buy AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION now in office. The GREEDY politicians on BOTH sides are only interested in being in control of the people and lining their already filled pockets with our tax dollars. AMEN.

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