BREAKING: Joe Biden DEATH Order Shocks Nation – GOP Moves Fast To…

President Joe Biden’s death order just completely shocked the nation. The Republican Party is moving fast — there is no time to lose.

“We’re sending American taxpayer funds to [the Palestinian Authority] so they can fund terrorists,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “And as a result of Joe Biden’s decision, Americans will die. Israelis will die.”

“This money that Joe Biden is sending to terrorists will be used to commit more acts of terrorism, to incentivize terrorists, to murder women, to murder children,” continued Cruz.

The context, of course, is Biden’s decision to send $250 million to the Palestinian government, even though it may break the law. Back in 2018, then-President Donald Trump signed the Taylor Force Act.

In short, the law explicitly prevented U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to Palestine while the rogue, terror-supporting regime paid “stipends and pensions to terrorists and their families,” noted Breitbart.

Now, as Cruz explained, Biden has put America and Israel in severe danger for no benefit other than to appease the radical left that has more sympathy for Palestine than Israel — or even the U.S.

Read the full story here.

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18 Responses

  1. Is the American Press going to speak out about this situation ??
    There are many American Jews in our media: large circulation newspapers (not as many as 10 years ago ??) broadcast, and online. This story , factual, needs to be covered big time ! The question is will the American Media cover this 100% ???

    1. OMG!!!! This definitely needs to be shared to the American people. That’s Treason of the worse kind!!! That man is really “out of his mind”. How can “our” elected officials allow this to happen? Are they all out of their minds?

    2. Why don’t the GOP Process IMPEACHMENT ORDERS for BIDEN AND HARRIS. Their administration has allowed foreign Countries to INVADE the United States. Biden and Harris are totally in over their heads. Biden is trying to do Obama’s bidding. Obama is running the Presidency! Fire Him!!!!

  2. Impeach them before they toatly ruin our country. They are a bunch of communists. God will take care of American people. Amen

  3. He going to get us all killed! Get him out of office NOW! Take Obama Harris and Nancy too! They all need impeached! Now!!!

  4. If WE broke the law….it would be a different story! Give him the justice we would be served. Also…bring up the corruption via Russia Gate he was involved in with his comrades, and his China business dealings and Ukraine Quid Pro Quo. Lots more corruption, I’m sure!! But people…keep looking the other way….just PRETEND it never happened…..The election fraud…never happened…the Covid schemes never happened???? Really??? I am really amazed with the amount of corruption Dems get away with and the “other party” gets impeached for nothing burgers with a side of their lies.

  5. It’s time to impeach Biden; sending money to appease terrorists will just make it worse; he is out of his mind;no more!

  6. Both senile old pervert Biden and communist Kamala Ho are both incompetent of leading our country. They are taking us down the wrong path – the communist path. If Biden is so bad with dementia and it can be proven, all President Trump Executive Orders should stand in place. These crooked two rigged the 2020 election and should be hung for treason to the United States along with Justice John Roberts & Pence for turning their back 75 million American citizens!



  8. Civil war is in the air! The time has come to force out this scum administration. They ignore the law and most importantly, the legal citizens of this once great country. Sending money to our enemies should be evidence enough to escort this scum out of the white house. Obama got away with it and now the Biden gang is continuing with the same. Why pay taxes when they are used against you? Since our so called conservative leaders just sit on their duffs, it will be up to the citizenry to take back this country from the out of control Biden administration. Why are we not seeing impeachment attempts?? There is real reason here, not like the dog and pony show that the democrats attempted with our President Trump. Does that only apply to conservatives? What say you??? I doubt this comment will ever get past the moderators!

  9. The most unsettling thing about civil war is who gets to pay the price. A line from a movie summed it up best:
    “ I killed my brother with malice in my heart. Hatred destroyed my family “

    When we decide that actual battle is the only way to heal this country, the battle will pitch American against American. Brother against brother, Dad against son and/or daughter. Both sides will loose with the only winners being the same non caring BS artists that put us at each other to start with. Think clearly before opening Pandora’s box, what awaits inside is nothing short of hell on earth.

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