BREAKING: Joe Biden CUT DOWN – White House In Shock

Politifact has long tried to cover for Democrat politicians with politically biased fact checks, but even they had to admit Thursday that President Joe Biden’s rhetoric on guns was “mostly false.”

Specifically, the label was in response to Biden’s claim that “you can buy whatever you want and no background check” at a gun show, while background checks are required at gun stores.

A 2015 study of jailed criminals in Cook County, Illinois showed that very few of them got their weapons at gun shows or at gun stores, but instead they got them illegally on the street.

Because of this, closing the so-called “gun loophole” is highly unlikely to make gun crimes drop any.

But as we know, gun control is mostly about control and not as much about fixing any of the real problems caused in this country by guns.

Read the full story here.

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