BREAKING: Joe Biden Crash Stuns America – Full Recovery Unlikely…

Rassmussen has released a new poll showing President Joe Biden with the lowest approval rating he has had so far in that poll, 39%. In addition, his disapproval rating is a full 20 points higher at 59%.

Only 20% in the poll strongly approved of Biden while 49% strongly disapproved, giving him a dismal -29% rating.

And independents have soured on Biden, with only 32% of that group approving of Biden while 64% disapprove.

Biden is even underwater with Black voters, with 45% approving and 49% disapproving of him.

At the same time during his presidency, Donald Trump had a 46% approval rating, even though the entire mainstream media had spent over a year lying about him and relentlessly covering the Russia Collusion hoax.

Read the full story here.

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