BREAKING: Joe Biden Conspiracy Proven True – Evidence Shocks Nation

Gabriel Sterling, the Chief Operating Officer for the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, called out the mainstream media for nitpicking every statement by former President Trump while turning a blind eye to anything coming from President Joe Biden.

Conservatives have been derided as conspiracy theorists for years for claiming that the media actively looks the other way when it comes to holding Democrats accountable. Now Gabriel Sterling has proven that claim is more than a conspiracy theory.

During an interview with the “Fox News Rundown” podcast on Thursday, Sterling said, “They’re looking at the press releases from either side and accepting what they’re saying like it’s being spooned to a baby. They all just accept what they’re saying without any critical thought. What I find interesting is a lot of the mainstream media, who criticized and examined every claim of President Trump, takes similar claims from this president and Stacey Abrams and accepts it at face value. And that’s not fair, and it’s wrong, and it’s a disservice to the American people and the people of Georgia.”

This phenomenon has been something that conservatives have been criticizing for the better part of the last decade. The media treats Democrats with kid gloves while actually doing their job when dealing with Republicans.

President Biden’s claims about Georgia’s new election bill are a perfect example. President Biden compared the bill to “Jim Crow” laws despite not having a shred of evidence. The media blindly broadcasted his claim without once calling it out for being false.

When former President Trump claimed that there might have been voter fraud in the 2020 election, every media outlet jumped on him for undermining democracy. The hypocrisy is clear, and it is imperative that the media face the consequences for their partisan coverage.

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4 Responses

  1. The media never calls out a Democrat, only Republicans. That is a part of their playbook. Distract from what is really going on and focus on half truths and lies about anyone that doesn’t play by their rules.

  2. Agree. MSM will NEVER go against the demonrats! And— they are very good at blaming republicans for what the demonrats are REALLY doing!

  3. Everything you said is absolutely true,, but nobody wants to do anything about it that is what is so sad. The media the ones that don’t want to put out there what is really going on in this country Should be put in jail for not doing their job. Go get a job that you don’t have to lie about what you’re reporting on.

  4. I believe in freedom of the press. However, it needs rules so people understand what they are reading. News of all sorts need to carry a label such as Proven Fact, Opinion Only, Unfounded Rumors, Outright Lies, etc. Anyone writing for publications and doesn’t follow the rules should be fined on their first offense and banned forever on their second offense!!!

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