BREAKING: Joe Biden Conspiracy EXPOSED – Evidence Is Stunning

President Joe Biden’s conspiracy was just exposed. The evidence is stunning — and the mainstream media is trying to cover for him.

According to Breitbart News, Biden “has ‘won praise’ for his ‘low-key approach’ to the natural disaster that knocked out power to much of Texas in the midst of a bitter winter storm,” from the sycophants at the Washington Post.

Somehow, the Post published a piece that couldn’t have been more tone-deaf. “He has not visited the stricken region or delivered prime-time remarks,” noted the Post, as if Biden’s relative silence was a net positive.

The liberal newspaper also bashed former President Donald Trump, claiming that he had a “habit of making himself the often-hostile center of attention during natural disasters.” This is simply unreal.

Trump visited disaster areas; he rightly criticized local Democrat leaders for bad forest management that led to the California fires and the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.

He also quickly signed disaster declarations to get states the help they needed. By contrast, Biden “ignored the disaster for days,” noted Breitbart on Texas. He followed up the insult by only partially approving Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) request.

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