BREAKING: Joe Biden Confirms Shocker – Socialism Is Now Official…

Briebart’s Joel Pollock pointed out in a column Friday yet another apparent contradiction of President Joe Biden’s claims about himself and his administration.

When Biden got the nomination last summer, he proudly proclaimed, “I beat the socialist.”

But immediately after this proclamation, he started using the same progressive language that his main opponent, self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had used during his primary campaign.

Biden talked about “revolutionary institutional changes,” “fundamentally transform[ing]” the country, and “systemic racism.” He also claimed he would be the “most progressive president since” FDR.

This has been the worst bait-and-switch in the history of presidential elections, and if they didn’t cheat their way into office, the Democrats got just enough people in certain states to dislike Trump enough to roll Biden across the finish line–and now we are all paying the price.

Read the full story here.

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15 Responses

  1. GOD PLEASE HELP US—I really don’t think America can survive four years of this—till we can get the RIGHTFULLY ELECTED president Trump back in office !!!!!!!~

    1. If u post a truthful statement about stolen election Illegitimate POTUS
      Country being destroyed by this incompetent man it is removed
      – kind of like Fake Facebook’nn

      1. Hey Bda. I always tell the truth. The problem is Dems. lie non stop. I get sick of them letting liars go like the dems. and then bang I’m being punished by the platforms. I get knocked off for a while. So I tried this. One sentence at a time.

  2. If anyone out there is already planning we need to hear from you. We don’t know anyone but we want to join a group to save America.

  3. Biden and Harris both really need to be impeached A.S.A.P. Pelosi needs to be put completely out of our government for the rest of her life. The democrats are no good for this country and the citizens of this country.

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