BREAKING: Joe Biden Confirms Rumors – Staff Stunned…

Rumors that the Biden administration has shifted into campaign mode early were confirmed by a report alleging that the President himself is telling staff to change into campaign mode.

Despite not being up for election himself, President Biden has apparently ordered his staff to begin orienting the White House around attacking the Republican Party.

The roll-out of the “Ultra MAGA” rhetoric by the White House was the first real sign that President Biden has shifted his attention from trying to run the country to try to win the 2022 midterm elections for the Democrat Party.

This shifting of priorities isn’t going to go over well with Americans who are being crushed by rising inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices.

Both foreign and domestic crises grip the United States, and now is not the time for the President to spend time and energy on campaigning.

Nonetheless, the President has continued to ratchet up the divisive rhetoric against normal Americans who are unsatisfied with the performance of the Democrat Party.

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