BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught Underwater – White House Shocked

The White House is desperate after a new report on President Joe Biden emerged this past week.

In an article titled, “Joe Biden’s Average Approval Rating Underwater,” Hannah Bleau explains that Biden’s “approval rating is continuing to sink and is currently underwater completely.”

Per the report:

Saturday’s average, which includes polling from Reuters/Ipsos, Rasmussen Reports, Economist/YouGov, Politico/Morning Consult, CNN, the Trafalgar Group, and Quinnipiac, shows Biden in the negatives by 8.2 percent.

Overall, 52.1 percent disapprove, while 43.9 percent approve. Every recent individual poll included shows Biden in the negatives, with an exception of the CNN poll, which has him tied.

Bleau gives some of the reason. “In addition to the botched withdrawal from the now-Taliban-controlled country, Americans are losing trust in Biden’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic,” write Bleau. “Opinions appeared to sour after his divisive coronavirus speech last month, in which he pitted the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.”

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