BREAKING: Joe Biden CAUGHT – Scandal Shocks Nation

President Joe Biden speaks often about bringing healing and unity to the nation. He campaigned helping America and working with Republicans in a bipartisan manner to do exactly that.

But the early indications are that Biden has a different plan altogether.

“The [Biden] administration is showing very clearly they don’t care if they have to work with us,” said Senator Bill Cassidy during a recent interview. “They’re willing to push things through, even if someone like Larry Summers says it’s bone-headed policy, I’m paraphrasing, and even if we come in good faith with at least ten and more that would have joined us, and they say they don’t care.”

This is exactly the concern that many had about Biden’s progressive tendencies. The man in the Oval Office has no desire to work with Republicans, regardless of his speech rhetoric. The actual deeds being done show a blatant disregard for even the slightest notion of respect for a Democratic legislative process.

And remember, Biden is only getting started. The scandal behind it all is that Biden has no plan whatsoever to work the GOP. He will move recklessly and justify it all on “fixing” what Donald Trump left him.

To read more about Cassidy’s comments, click here.

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