BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught Red-Handed In Putin Conspiracy – America Must Act Now…

President Joe Biden has been excellent at blaming others for his failures.

Nothing has changed, as Biden is saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the inflation Americans are experiencing, calling him a major factor in rising prices.

“Now the second big reason for inflation is Vladimir Putin and gas prices,” Biden blame-shifted.

“Not a joke,” Biden added, so you’ll know he’s being serious as he points the finger at Putin like a first grader.

“Biden falsely blamed Putin for the $1.05 rise in gas prices, arguing the Russian president began surging troops at the Ukrainian border at the beginning of the year, which fueled higher prices,” Breitbart reported.

“Make no mistake the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of Vladimir Putin,” Biden said.

But that’s not true, because “gas prices were already rising on Biden’s watch before Putin began building up troops in Ukraine and did not spike until Russia actually escalated their invasion,” Breitbart reports.

“Prices rose about eight cents per gallon in January and did not spike until March when Putin significantly escalated his war in Ukraine,” Breitbart reported.

To read this full story and see more of President Biden’s lies, click here.

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