BREAKING: Joe Biden CAUGHT – Photo Reveals He Is Guilty

President Joe Biden was just caught red-handed and millions of Americans across the nation are stunned. Photo evidence proves that he is guilty.

“President Joe Biden again forgot to put his mask back on at an event Thursday, even as he repeatedly calls for Americans to wear masks to stop the coronavirus pandemic,” reported Breitbart News.

Breitbart has a video posted and also took screenshots. Simply put, “Biden arrived wearing his mask for a bill signing ceremony at the Oval Office but removed it to sign the bill and make remarks to reporters.”

But this shouldn’t be surprising. Biden virtue-signaled about masks while running for president and the entire charade has continued during his first several weeks in the White House. It couldn’t be more hypocritical.

Of course, in order to cover up his own double-standard — which a vast majority of liberal politicians have, by the way — he tried to force states to institute mask mandates. Most of them refused.

Furthermore, states that had mask mandates, particularly Republican-led states, are about to end their mandates. Biden took the opportunity to call this choice, “Neanderthal thinking.” Give us all a break, Uncle Joe.

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses

  1. China Joe owned and operated by one WORLD GOVERNMENT. OBAMA in Joe’s ear is giving us the United Nations control over our country. CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and STOP these insane Democrats from DESTROYING our REPUBLIC.
    202-224-3121 This is what happens the Democrats get a hold of the public school system and STOP teaching HISTORICAL TRUTH. Watch Brainwashed the movie. com

    1. A political awakening will accomplish nothing but a short reprieve. A true spiritual awakening is an absolute necessity or we perish as a free nation and people. WAKE UP!

  2. It just might be to late to save our country! After several decades of most people doing their own thing and out and out rejecting the teachings of Jesus Christ, judgment had arrived! Calling congress is an exercise in futility.

  3. The teachings of the satanic evolution has permeated people’s hearts and minds, turning them away all things decent and moral. Lawlessness is near the lawlessness of Noah’s day. Today very few people, even people professing to be Christian believe the Biblical account of the great Flood. The Catholic church in 1996 declared they believe God used evolution in His creation. The word of God has been revised multiple times, each time removing more and more truth. Most modern versions are in fact anti-christ. People continue to insist that God bless America a nation that has grossly sinned without remorse and refuses to repent. Yes, judgment had arrived and it will do God’s will. The true people of the Living God must be about preparation, because the darkness of evil is getting worse, no matter what the false prophets might say WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  4. It’s all about control it’s not about masks They want to frighten people no flu why fear COVID it is a China thing screw China and China Joe Biden not president dictator constitution needs to be enforced stolen election Tell China come get my guns viruses are for wimps come on China bring it most Americans are not communists

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