BREAKING: Joe Biden CAUGHT – It’s Over

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was just caught red-handed. The former vice president’s campaign for the White House could be completely over — he doesn’t want anyone to see the truth.

“Oops!” tweeted the Trump War Room. “Joe Biden read the ‘topline message’ part of the talking points his handlers gave him for a TV interview. He apparently couldn’t remember it on his own.” He was clearly using a teleprompter.

Yes, you read that correctly: During an interview, Biden literally read “topline message” from the teleprompter, which wasn’t supposed to be read out loud. Perhaps his handlers should make the reading even simpler next time.

It all took place during an interview with a local NBC affiliate out of South Florida. Biden was asked by anchor Jackie Nespral: “Would you go back to the Obama policy with Cuba and what is your plan dealing with Venezuela?”

Biden was able to stammer out a response, but he just got worse as the interview continued. He eventually read “topline message” as if it was an actual line in his script. He can’t even stay on message when the words are fed to him.

When Americans head to the ballot box this November, most voters are going to declare that Biden isn’t fit to be president of the United States — and they will re-elect President Donald Trump in a landslide to shock the establishment once again.

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