BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Nuclear Scandal – Iran Conspiracy Shocker…

President Donald Trump was working to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power, but according to Republican Mike Turner, under President Joe Biden, the Iranian regime is well on its way to obtaining that status.

“President Biden’s ‘radical’ foreign policy agenda is ‘turning upside down our Middle East policy’ and giving Iran an ‘out’ to become a nuclear state with a return to the Obama-era nuclear deal, said Rep. Mike Turner,” according to Fox News.

“By this administration going back to this agreement, they’re really giving Iran the out to be able to pursue becoming a nuclear state,” said Turner to Fox Host Marie Bartiromo.

“This administration is turning its eye from our allies and to those who are our adversaries,” said the GOP Representative from Ohio.

Turner said the China was America’s “greatest vulnerability on jobs” and “greatest vulnerability on the economy,” yet said Joe Biden was “turning towards” the terrorist regime rather than away from it.

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