BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Medical Conspiracy – Sick China Scandal…

The Biden administration announced that it would continue to exempt China-made medical products from tariffs, further cementing the fact that President Biden is simply too soft on China.

China has aggressively expanded its influence in every major industry and in many ways, the United States is reliant on China for crucial supplies.

President Biden and his administration have failed to counter China in any meaningful way. The coronavirus pandemic should have made it clear that the United States must not rely on China, but Joe Biden seems to have missed that memo.

Cheap Chinese-made surgical gloves, face masks, hospital gowns, and medical devices will continue to pour into the U.S. market and undercut any domestic producers.

The consequences of not shoring up a domestic industry will be devastating should the United States and China come to blows.

President Biden continues to throw American manufacturing under the bus and that will cost us deeply in the future. America needs to be independent and self-sufficient and the Biden administration isn’t helping us get there.

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