BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught in Energy Scandal – It’s Worse Than…

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy blasted Biden’s administration for liking high gas prices, saying Democrats are using it as a crisis to push Americans toward accepting the radical, far-left Green News Deal agenda.

“If you listen to the White House, they say having a high price of gasoline is good, right?” McCarthy said.

“Their whole plan is all about the Green New Deal, right? There is a bridge before you ever move from a combustion engine or others. If you have an electric car, you have to charge it. You have to have electricity for it. If you want to buy an electric car, they’re about $50,000,” McCarthy added.

“I would love a Tesla, but I can’t afford a Tesla. How many Americans can afford a Tesla?” said McCarthy. “In their reconciliation bill, they reward those—and they reward people that already have the wealth to do it. But then they’re punishing those that are working day to day, hour to hour, paycheck to paycheck — they’re making them pay more. So they’re making those families sacrifice so a family making $800,000 a year you’re going to subsidize an electric car for them?”

“Biden has hamstrung America’s energy development since his first day in office. Nearly a year ago when he first took over as president, Biden signed executive orders shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and halting natural gas and oil drilling and exploration on federal lands nationwide. The net result of these drastic policy shifts from former President Donald Trump’s approach to energy development is the U.S. went from being energy independent and a net exporter of energy under Trump to having energy shortages and sky high gas prices under Biden. Biden also allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to open up Nord Stream 2, a natural gas pipeline in eastern Europe, even after he shut down similar but safer efforts here in the United States,” reports Breitbart News.

To read more about Biden’s deficiencies, click here.

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