BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Energy Scandal – He’s Hurting Everyday

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy (R) said the White House was not being honest when it said President Joe Biden hasn’t blocked oil and gas production, noting that he had to sue the Biden administration to increase oil production in the state.

“[W]hen you shut down the Keystone pipeline, when our oil plays are either being shut down by federal judges or slowboated by the very agencies that the Biden administration oversees, that kind of rings hollow,” he said.

Getting rid of oil and gas is not the answer until green energy solutions are ready for wide-scale adoption, Dunleavy said.

“If you truly believe in a new, green future of renewables, you can’t just turn off the spigots of oil and gas and expect the renewable age to magically appear. You’ve got to have a transition, and that means oil and gas. And you’ve got to have enough oil and gas to meet the demands of us and our allies so that we don’t get ourselves in another position like we see with the Ukraine and Russian war that’s happening,” he said.

Dunleavy made the comments on the Brian Kilmeade radio program.

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