BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught – Evidence Proves He’s a THIEF…

Joe Biden has a long history of plagiarism and ripping off speeches and themes.

But a shocking report shows the President has taken his word-thievery to a whole new level.

According to Breitbart News, “President Joe Biden claimed that he would pursue Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to the ‘gates of Hell.'”

Except that he didn’t pursue or say that.

Instead, Joe Biden was stealing the words of the late Senator John McCain.

In fact, it was Biden who told Obama to not go after bin Laden.

Not quite the victorious speech he is claiming in the present day.

To read more about Biden’s plagiarism, click here.

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4 Responses

  1. Lyin Biden and commie Harris are illegals to e thriwns of president and Vice President. They are out to destroy this country, period. And if they aren’t stopped now before they get clenched in, America is doomed.

  2. Yes That is exactly what he is doing. Trying to finish the job that he and Obama didn’t get to finish. If we don’t keep a presence in Afghanistan it leaves us wide open for ISIS to come right back in and right to our shores just like they did in 9/11/2001. We can’t give them a path back here. We need a strong person to run this country or we will be run over and we don’t have it now.

  3. Biden/Harris/Pelosi & the rest of the Dems. have big mouths & inflated egos about themselves. Pelosi says she was ready to go at it on 1/6/21 with the POROTESTERS, Nancey we all think we are better than we are when we are drunk you moron, Biden the only way you will follow any one to hell is when your next to go, plus all you do is hide in your basement & only come out is to get bribes from another country, you are a coward who likes to act like a big man, Harris is afraid of her own shadow won’t even go to the boarder to see if she could help, of course if she did all she would do is laugh & tell us more lies!! You all are disgusting!! I am hoping you all get impeached!!

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