BREAKING: Joe Biden Can’t Handle It – Already Admits He Needs…

At the time of this story, it’s been less than 24 hours of a Joe Biden regime and the man is already asking for a break.

During his very first question and answer briefing with the press as President, Biden didn’t like a question suggesting his vaccine goals were two low.

Biden’s response was to beg. “When I announced it, you all said it was not possible. C’mon, gimme a break man.”

Gimme a break, man.

If he can’t deal with easy questions from the press, it’s unlikely he has physical and mental toughness needed to deal with hostile foreign leaders.

Sean Hannity was not amused. “Apparently only one serious question from a reporter was a little too much for him to handle,” said Hannity. “Yep, the new president gave us his first official ‘Come on, man.'”

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