BREAKING: Joe Biden Can’t Do It – Nation Shocked

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden can’t do it and the nation is shocked. Millions of Americans are about to turn on the former vice president. This is stunning.

“You’re not going to hear anything from Biden or any sort of plan to stop the violence,” said Jason Miller, a Trump campaign senior official, referring to the riots still raging in U.S. cities.

In other words, Biden can’t do it — he can’t bring himself to outright condemn the violence. He has no plan to end it. He would rather blame Trump in hysterical fashion for riots Trump didn’t cause.

“All you are going to hear today is empty talk, just like Biden has been doing for 47 years,” Miller continued. Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s communications director, also chimed in.

He noted how these cities overrun with rioting “are cities run by Democrats” and Biden, therefore, has one goal: to “coddle the rioters.” This is all about keeping the unrest high until election day.

But Biden has another thing coming. On November 3, most Americans are going to reject his blame-shifting and support for the riots. People naturally prefer public safety over constant threats of violence.

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