BREAKING: Joe Biden CAN’T Do It – It’s Over

Washington Examiner Politics Editor W. James Antle III questioned the durability of Joe Biden’s centrist policy positions if he is elected president, given recent statements that he was open to considering court-packing and eliminating the Senate filibuster to make it easier for Democrats to get their agenda through all three branches of government.

On the filibuster, Biden recently said his support for eliminating it would “depend” on how obstructionist Republicans were of Democrat legislation.

That’s not the way our government was set up, Joe. It’s autocratic to say, either give me what I want or I’ll change the rules so I can just take it.

It’s inconsistent with the Constitution, which was set up so that parties and branches would challenge each other and be forced to give and take, to win some and lose some, and for a certain amount of gridlock to prevent radical changes that could destabilize the union and do more harm than good.

If we forget basic principles of fair play and following the Constitution so we can get what we want without opposition, we will eventually upend our entire system of government and end up with something the Founding Fathers knew wasn’t going to work in the end. Or we can just not elect Biden and a Democrat majority in the Senate, at least for the moment.

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