BREAKING: Joe Biden Can’t Do It – Democrats In Chaos

It has now been 48 days that President Joe Biden has been in office and not held a press conference, but he is dodging questions about whether the Southern border immigration situation is a crisis.

A double-masked Biden pivoted left, then right in an awkward attempt to avoid the questions from reporters during a visit to a struggling small business that has been hurt by the pandemic.

His press staff tried to get the reporters to leave him alone by thanking them for coming and shooing them out while Biden just looked confused.

The Republican Party seems to have a lot of RINOs–Republicans in name only; but the Democrat Party shows daily that it is the only party with a PINO–President in name only.

Biden is nothing more than a doddering old figurehead for a party that is hell-bent on destroying the United States as it was founded and formed.

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8 Responses

  1. PINO-president in name only, how fitting and accurate. It is the shadow government who are really running, “or should I say ruining”? our country. They stole power under false pretense and seem to have one goal, the complete destruction of America.

  2. Because Biden is not thinking straight, he is running our country into HELL. Time to correct this situation!

  3. Another liberal that talks a lot and does nothing – this is the president, a lackluster bow down to everyone idiot !!! America, isn’t it time that you do better and do something about it ???

  4. Clueless Biden is
    Nothing more than a PUPPET OF THE LEFT! Not sure our country can make it through 4 years of this DICTATORSHIP!!!!

  5. Biden has never had any common sense, and he’s not running anything right from January 20th. Good bye America – 😹

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