BREAKING: Joe Biden CANCELS It – White House Stunned

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said during a Thursday town hall that he would reverse President Donald Trump’s transgender policy in the military, which states that people who are transgender can serve, but must identify with their biological sex during their time of service.

“I will flat out just change the law — I will eliminate those Executive Orders,” Biden said in response to a question by the mother of a woman who claimed her young child was transgender.

The orders by Trump reversed an Obama-era policy requiring the military to allow transgender women, who are actually biological males, to be housed with women and shower with them. This policy made many women in the military uncomfortable and caused chaos in the ranks.

Trump’s policy was soundly criticized by transgender activists, but it actually prevents the victimization of women.

Of course, Biden cares much more about being politically correct than he does about protecting women, or so promises of policies like these seem to show.

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