BREAKING: Joe Biden BUSTED – Sheriff Shows Up And Shocks Nation

President Joe Biden was just completely busted.  A sheriff has come forward and shocked the nation on national television. This is incredible.

Appearing on Fox News, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who serves a county in Biden’s home state of Maryland, said that the American people should be “outraged” by Biden’s radical immigration policies.

“These types of laws lead to more victims of crime, more violent crime [and] gangs infiltrating this country,” said Jenkins, noting that Biden has functionally “dismantled ICE” by “basically telling them to stand down.”

Border patrol agents are also being hamstrung. For example, Biden ordered that construction on former President Donald Trump’s border wall be suspended, even though hundreds of miles had been completed so far.

Biden went so far as to order that deportations be halted for 100 days. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) brought a lawsuit and a federal judge halted the order. Simply put, Biden’s action was unconstitutional.

“All of the strides that he made in stronger immigration enforcement over the past four years, they’re totally being undone and dismantled,” said Jenkins, referring to Trump. Elections have consequences, sometimes tragic ones.

Read the full story here.

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