BREAKING: Joe Biden Busted In Vaccine Lie – Nation in Shock

Among the multiple lies President Joe Biden told during his CNN town hall on Tuesday was a real whopper: that his administration didn’t have the vaccine before taking office.

“The biggest thing, though, as you remember, when you and I— I shouldn’t say it that way as you remember— when you and I talked last we talked about, it’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator,” Biden rambled in his usual inchoherent way.

While CNN and its faithful viewers may not have been able to recognize the lie in Biden’s comments, it is obvious to the rest of us that the vaccine did not just appear out of nowhere when Biden became president.

In fact, the first dose of vaccine was given mid-December, and millions were vaccinated with their first doses by the time Biden was inaugurated more than a month later. Biden himself was vaccinated before Inauguration Day.

Biden’s attempt to rewrite history is just another way to hide his incompetence in distributing the vaccine quickly and effectively–no surprise given his many mistakes and his preference for a radical agenda rather than focusing on the vaccine rollout.

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