BREAKING: Joe Biden BUSTED In Shocking Report – Fraud Evidence Is Out…

President Joe Biden has already been busted, breaking his promise for unity following the 2020 election. While Joe Biden told Americans that he is committed to unity, his actions demonstrate otherwise.

From politicizing the military to encouraging the Democrat party to continue President Donald Trump’s impeachment, Biden’s first few days have been anything but unifying.

Everything awful about the left and their ideology is front and center in the Biden administration, from unfettered immigration to job-destroying climate change measures.

In Biden’s inaugural address, he claimed that the division affecting America results from “racism, nativism, fear, and demonization.” Fear and demonization are certainly something Democrats like Biden spread, Bid but Biden failed to address his own party’s divisiveness.

Furthermore, Biden’s administration is propagating the same tired lies that the left has been pushing for years, and it seems that Biden has no plans of making any real change.

Biden promised a return to normal, but the normal that he wants to return to is one where lies and corruption run rampant and American values are thrown to the wayside. Buckle up America; it is going to be a long four years.

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