BREAKING: Joe Biden BUSTED Hiding Evidence – Warehouses Are FULL…

As Americans are left to fight over the one or two boxes of COVID tests put out by their local pharmacies in recent weeks, Joe Biden’s administration is keeping 50,000,000 COVID tests sitting in warehouses.

The info was revealed by Assistant Secretary Dawn O’Connell from the Department of Health and Human Services while she was being questioned during a Senate committee hearing.

Senator Richard Burr began by asking O’Connell if she could confirm the COVID tests Biden is promising are not coming from Communist China. Dawn O’Connell responded that they don’t have to be brought in from China because there were 50 MILLION sitting in a warehouse right here.

Senator Burr: “So is what you’re telling me they’ve got 50 million tests in warehouses in the United States and all we did was access the inventory?”

Dawn O’Connell: “That is my understanding”

Senator Burr: “Well, will you confirm your understanding? This is a very, very important piece when you’ve got companies that don’t manufacture tests and all of a sudden we’re giving them a $190 million contract for about 14 million home tests and their expertise is importation of vodka.”

Fifty MILLION test kits lying around right here in America, and Biden can’t get them to anyone. In fact, his solution is to order more kits from abroad.

“It’s clearly not enough.” Biden said. “If I had — we had — known, we would have gone harder, quicker, if we could have, we have to do more. We have to do better, and we will.”

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