BREAKING: Joe Biden BUSTED – He’s Finished

Joe Biden was just completely busted. He could be finished and millions of people are stunned — no one expected this news to come out. Now, his team is scrambling to control the damage.

“This week, an Israeli historian revealed Biden had passed on disinformation to then-Israeli prime minister Golda Meir, telling her Egypt believed it would be impossible to go to war with Israel,” reported Breitbart’s Deborah Danan.

According to the report, Biden’s disinformation may have contributed “to an Israeli consensus that would end up costing the Jewish state dearly when its neighboring foe caught it unawares a little more than a month later and attacked.”

This, of course, is referring to the Yom Kippur War. Israel would ultimately be victorious, however, there is reason to believe that Biden allegedly supporting the “consensus” (which turned out to be wrong) was another foreign policy blunder.

Biden recounts the situation differently, which should be no surprise to anyone. “I thought that they were getting ready to attack again,” he said in an April 2015 speech — something he claims to have told Meir in their meeting.

However, a report “that was sent to then Israel’s then-Washington envoy Simcha Dinitz” stated the following: “The Egyptians seem to have used Biden’s visit as part of their plan to ‘lull’ Israel into thinking there was no chance of war.”

Read the full story here.

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