BREAKING: Joe Biden Busted For Cheating – Secret Photo Exposes Truth…

President Joe Biden had a cheat list of reporters that told him who to call on during his press conference, as shown in photos taken during the event.

The sheet had photos of the reporters’ faces arranged according to how they were seated, and also had some spots crossed out without names or pictures.

Biden did not call on Fox News reporter Peter Doocy at all during the presser, but only called on mainstream and liberal press figures.

Even so, Biden paused for a painfully long time between each question, and messed up several of the names even though they were right in front of him.

Could you imagine that kind of inept performance from former President Donald Trump? Pelosi would have been screaming about the 25th Amendment on day one.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. So. Not only did Biden cheat in the election. He is still cheating. What do you expect. But he needs to cheat. He can’t answer a question without getting it first. So he can have his HANDLER. Answer it on paper for him to TRY to read

  2. This administration is a bad joke !!! They’re putting this country – your country – to that of a third world nation !!! Are you going to put up with it ???

  3. Biden is a dictator with dementia which can be dangerous and then he has Willie Brown’s arm candy as his 2nd in command. Does she do for Joe what she did for Willie? Willie’s wife was okay with her “taking care” of Willie and I guess the play doctor whi is Joe’s wife is okay for whatever Kamilla does for Joe as long as she has the “prestigious title First Lady which means more than the Doctor in front of her name. She probabl would faint at the sight of someone bleeding to death because she is only a paper doctor. If we stand by and let the communists that are in charge take over everything, then this country has gone to hell, literally.

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