BREAKING: Joe Biden Busted After Huge White House Mistake – Nation FUMING….

President Joe Biden is either an old senile man or he is forgetful.

Recently, Biden acted as though he was unaware of a baby formula shortage, but the White House recently said they’ve known about the issue since February and it is “top priority.”

Which is it? Maybe sleepy Joe has been sleeping through meetings about the shortage.

“This is something he is focusing on very acutely and again I said 24/7 we’ve been working on this since we have learned about this back in February,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said

Jean-Pierre called the issue “one of the president’s top priorities.”

Biden showed his resting confused face when asked if he could have acted sooner to fix the crisis.

“If we had been better mind readers, I guess we could’ve, but we moved as the problem became apparent to us,” Biden said with a silly grin.

Sleepy Joe didn’t even mention the crisis until Friday, despite weeks of reporting that highlighted the issue.

“I’ll answer the baby formula question because, all of a sudden, it’s on the front page of every newspaper,” Biden said as he grumbled like your old senile grandpa.

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